Dull Gray Evening

I'm behind the reading times... that's just a plain and simple fact. I fancy myself a "reader", but reality sometimes has a way of grabbin' you by the back of the head and slammin' your face into the desk. Sooo... yeah. I'm a "reader".

By that I mean I read lots of things. Signs. The backs of shampoo bottles while I'm taking a crap. Ketchup packs. That's the reader in me alright. Sure, sure... I've got a freaking pile of books on my night table. More and more I think they're there so I can impress myself as to the "reader" I've not yet become. I think I'm reading them all at once. Right now. One sentence at a time.

Occassionaly, however, I actually do read a book. An entire book. And when I do, it's usually because a friend says something to me like "You should read this, uh, book."

Such is the case with Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey of Oprah Shame. Yeah I know it's a couple years old. But that's how I like my reading... fall off the vine ripe. That way I can avoid the predisposition that hype brings, and I can enjoy the flavor all by myself. I do the same thing with music. Pretty sure I decided the Fray's "How to Save A Life" was a keeper about 3 years after they released it. Anyway... it's a keeper.

If you like thick, smooth, tragically flavored ice cream, this is your book. You know... like chocolate marshmellow. Taste it. I did.

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